Dynomax Has It All!

DynoMax offers the widest selection of performance mufflers on the market. With a muffler for every performance application, DynoMax has it all - sound, performance and durability.


Dynomax Exhaust System

For more power and a superb sound from your engine, there is nothing better than a Dynomax exhaust system. Available in all stainless steel, every Dynomax exhaust system is engineered to produce the greatest flow possible. The Dynomax exhaust system is also designed to fit in all of the original OEM mounting locations. Available for many makes and models, the Dynomax exhaust system comes in the Ultra Flo or the upgraded Super Turbo System. All of the required hardware for installation is included in the Dynomax exhaust system kit, which is legal in all fifty states, even in states with extensive emissions laws.

Dynomax Headers

If you want to add more power to your ride, a new set of Dynomax headers may be the way to go. Dynomax headers are precision-machined by a computer-controlled process for proper fit, leak-free seals, and an easy bolt-on installation. The number of bends are reduced, and with that, exhaust restriction is lowered with Dynomax headers. Our Dynomax headers are available in either a painted finish or a chromed ceramic finish. The finish on Dynomax headers will never change color, rust, or chip, and will last many times longer than regular finishes. Dynomax headers are legal in all 50 states, and are tested completely for quality and durability.

Need a Dynomax Muffler?

Experts know Dynomax Mufflers are top quality and they're always in stock in our online store. Don't put off replacing your muffler with a Dynomax Muffler another day!