Passenger Car Mufflers - Domestic & Import

Truck Exhaust Systems - Single & Dual - Domestic & Import

Direct-Fit Mufflers - Passenger Cards by Application

Accessories: Spouts, Pipes, Clamps, Brackets and Tools

Universal Mufflers


Installed to $59.95

Import Mufflers

  • ImportUnique straight-through design maximizes flow and power.
  • Includes high chomium content, high luster T-304 cover and high luster stainless steel import spout.
  • Uses CRF (Continous Roving Fiberglass)
  • Continous perf tube design maximizes sound absorption and minizes exhaust turbulence.
  • Available in oval or 6" round.

Race Mufflers

Race Mufflers

Stainless Steel Mufflers

Stainless Steel Mufflers